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   Cotse Network Tools:
   Password Strength Checker
   TCP/UDP Port and Service Search

  Popular and FREE Security-related utilities

firewalls  SECURITY TOOLS AND SERVICES in Alphabetical Order:
  • Microsoft Security Utilities - Sysinternals and Forum
  • Activator Desk - Internet desktop and browser program for a faster, more secure, Windows, and Internet.
  • AlphaShield - Hardware product used with DSL/cable modem that prevents unauthorized access to PC.
  • AS400 Security - PowerLock Network Security Software for the IBM AS/400. Intrusion Detection and Control, and auditing of Security related events.
  • AS/400 Security World - Makers of DetectIT.
  • Aurora Binary Systems - Sells secure diaries, journals and encryption software.
  • Aventail - Leading extranet and VPN managed service provider
  • Bastille Linux. Bastille-Linux Scripts to Secure Linux
  • Bangkok Systems & Software - System & software security. Offices in Thailand and India.
  • Bardon Data Systems - System Administration and Access Management Tools for Windows. Systems management, access control, PC protection, web browser monitor, security, remote network asset management and troubleshooting.
  • BLAT for Windows-Easily mail any file from the command line.
  • BlackICE Sentry
  • BindView Development - provides LAN Security and Administration software tools for Windows and NetWare.
  • BootLocker Security Software - secures your computer by asking for a password on startup. Features include multiple user support, screensaver activation, system tray support, and logging.
  • Cybercop Scanner, Monitor, Sting (COMMERCIAL) -Intrusion Detection/Risk Assessment Tools.
  • New Media Security - offers IT Security with NMS for PC (formely Black Whole), NMS for PDA, and NMS nCode (for encrypting emails and CD-ROMS)
  • CenturionSoft - offers a series of advanced security utilities for Windows.
  • Cobra - An Introduction to Security Risk Analysis & Risk Assessment.
  • CONQWEST - Supplier of advanced Internet security solutions
  • CyberSafe Corporation - Modular software security solutions including multi-mechanism authentication and single sign-on, end-to-end access control over TCP/IP communications, and host and network-based intrusion detection.
  • Cybersoft Computer Security Solutions - security software, Linux virus protection and Windows virus scan products.
  • Digital Pathways Services Ltd UK - security products for encryption, risk assessment, intrusion detection, VPN's, and intrusion detection.
  • DLA Security Systems, Inc. - Key control software, key records management software, master keying software.
  • DocuShield - Integrated hardware and software solution to protect against security breaches and corruption of data for small systems. A Linux-based hardened system includes firewall, IDS, secured communication, redundant storage and token-controlled access.
  • Dynamicdesigns - Lockout Desktop Security Software.
  • Data Circle - Datapass, Dataware, and Dataguide.
  • DSniff - tools for net auditing and penetration testing
  • EnsureTek - Develop and implement security process automation software tools.
  • eSafe Desktop by eAlladin - Content security with protection from malicious mobile code, trojans, worms, VB/JavaScript, viruses, data exposure and content filtering.
  • Evidence Eliminator - eliminates all evidence from your PC in one click. Defeats all known "Forensic Analysis" software.
  • eWatermark.com - Provides technology and application to embed visible or invisible watermarks into digital properties.
  • Ethereal -is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix/Win (now it's called Wireshark)
  • Free Network Tools from FoundStone
  • FoundSuper Scan - TCP port scanner, pinger, resolver from Foundstone.
  • Fscan - The fastest command line port scanner for Windows. Capable of scanning over 200 ports per second. TCP and UDP scanning available.(find the button Download)
  • Flocker File Locker - Lock, secure and protect your sensitive computer / pc files against unauthorized access with this innovative password protected software.
  • Folder Guard - A security solution for Windows.
  • Firewall Toolkit® by trusted Information Systems® Inc.(TIS)
  • Lumeta's Firewall Analyzer -comprehensive firewall configuration analysis.
  • Forensic Toolkit - file properties analyzer (great!) from Foundstone.

  • Global Protective Management.com - suite of PC-based security software applications
  • Global Technologies Group Inc. - data storage products encryption.
  • Guardian Tech - a suite of software tools to manage and secure IT environment
  • Hping2
  • Hotfix Reporter - Works with MS Network Security Hotfix Checker (HfNetChk) to scan for security holes, and outputs web pages complete with links to the MS articles and security patches
  • Information Security Resource - Solutions for internet security, information security management, infosec risk management and the implementation of the Information Security standard BS 7799 and the new ISO 17799
  • Interactive Security Policies - Large site with interactive data on security policies and standards. Covers all aspects of information security.
  • Interlink Electronics - Signature recognition device designed to capture and bind handwritten signatures into electronic documents, forms, and transactions.
  • IPChain, and How-To.
  • iSecurityShop - Network Security, Firewalls, Cryptography, Anti Virus, and Intrusion Detection.
  • ISS - Internet Security Systems - A pioneer and leading supplier of adaptive security management systems including Internet Security Scanner
  • IP Filter - Software which provides packet filtering and network address translation (NAT) capabilities for multiple platforms. Source code is available.
  • IPLog
  • John The Ripper
  • LaBrea
  • Libnet (slow)
  • LSOF
  • L0phtCrack -password cracker (comm)
  • Lexias Incorporated - Provides next generation solutions in data security and high availability data storage.
  • Livermore Software Laboratories, Inc. - PORTUS firewall systems, high-availability firewall solutions, workload balancing, web caching and URL content filtering products.
  • Mediacom Softwares - Several security software packages, including Start-up-Pass, DUN Shield and Quick Crack.
  • Meetinghouse Data Communications - Features outsourcing for internetworking router/switch software, protocol implementation, system architecture and design, and automated tests. Company profile and contact information provided.
  • Mission Critical Systems - Comprehensive Data Security - the tools to secure your infrastructure.
  • nmap - a utility for network exploration or security auditing. Supports ping scanning, port scanning, and TCP/IP fingerprinting. One of the best...
  • nmap Free Security Scanner
  • nmapNT from eEye Digital Security
  • Mtr - combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs
  • Steve Gibson's NanoProbe, and LeakTest
  • Ntop.org - a Unix tool that shows the network usage.
  • n-Crypt - Develops integrated security software products for the IT industry.
  • Nessus - A security auditing tool with source code available, vulnerability scanner.
  • NetBIOS Tools
  • Networking Technologies - MailMarshal: an "email firewall" gives you total control concerning email in the enterprise.
  • Noweco - Proteus is a software tool designed to audit information security management systems according to ISO17799 standards.
  • OpenSSH openssh.com - Multiple SSH protocol support, multiple free client platforms, etc.
  • OpenBSD
  • OutGuess - universal Steganography - universal steganographic tool that allows the insertion of hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources.
  • Pacel Corporation - Developer of a broad range of security software applications for businesses and content filtering software for online families.
  • Pacom Systems - Provider of integrated and networked security solutions for single- and multi-site organizations.
  • Paktronix Systems: Network Security - PakSecured/390 and PakSecured Rackmount.
  • Panicware Inc. - Privacy and security software including popup stopper, history eraser, spyware detector and passphrase keeper.
  • Password Strength Checker
  • Perico AS - Scandinavian supplier of security products including software protection, storage management, secure communications, firewalls and virus protection.
  • PestPatrol, Inc. - Detects and removes hacker tools, Dos attack agents, trojans and spyware that create backdoors and bypass anti-virus and firewalls.
  • Porcupine.org - provides software for protecting computers against internet intruders.
  • Proginet - Password Management and Enterprise File Transfer
  • Protocom Development Systems - network security software for all needs with server management, scheduling tools, console security, network management, and login script tools.
  • Packetstorm's full family of IP network emulators and network recording devices.
  • Perl
  • Pest Patrol -anti-hacker utility that finds/eliminates hacker tools, spyware and trojans (comm)
  • PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.
  • Retina Network Security Scanner
  • Rainbow Lake Software - automatically detecting and denying unwanted HTTP requests sent to your IIS Web Servers.
  • WatchGuard - Offers security appliances, firewalls, VPN, all supporting the same set of software features.
  • Regnoc Software Inc. - Windows and Java security programs. DataSAFE-Java for browser-based file and download security. DataSAFE-SE for personal file and mail security. Signature Program for secure signatures of Windows documents.
  • Risk Associates - Resources for security risk analysis, security policies, ISO 17799 (or BS7799) and Security Audit
  • Rocketdownload.com - Directory offers a comprehensive collection of shareware PC security and privacy applications.
  • Rule Set Based Access Control for Linux - RSBAC is an open source access control framework for current Linux kernels, with a range of access control models including MAC, RC, ACL.
  • RUSecure - Provides 'Information Security Policy' guides and templates for compliance with ISO 17799/BS7799 requirements
  • SSH (some versions COMMERCIAL)
  • scanlogd
  • SamSpade.org -an integrated network query tool for all Windows. Freeware.
  • More Sam Spade Tools
  • Snort -- a lightweight network intrusion detection system for real-time traffic and protocol analysis, content searching/matching, and packet logging on IP networks.
  • SnortSAM -dynamically blocks communication to/from IP's using Snort and FW-1
  • SARA
  • Sniffit
  • Scotty - Tcl (Tool Command Language) Extensions for Network Management Applications.
  • Harris Corporation: STAT Neutralizer, Analyzer, Scanner, assesment software
  • Safetynet Antivirus and Security Center - Antivirus and Y2K solutions.
  • Sam Spade - Sam Spade is an integrated network query tool for Windows. It's a great freeware tool for tracking down spam.
  • Sandstorm Enterprises - PhoneSweep, a commercial telephone line scanner, and TCP.demux, a session re-assembler to make sense of captured network traffic.
  • SecurDesk - Access control and verification, protection for sensitive files and folders, log usage, customizable desktop environment, administration, and limit use.
  • Secure Computing Corporation - SecureWire, Secure Computing Firewall for NT, BorderWare, and LOCKout FORTEZZA.
  • Secure Directory File transfer System - An essential tool for organizations that demand the ultimate in security. This "special purpose firewall" will safeguard the privacy of your data residing on a private network, while at the same time, providing an inflow of information from the Internet or any other outside network.
  • Secure Messaging - Provides control and security for your email system and additional messaging products. Includes product and contact information.
  • Secure your PC - A few notes on securing a Windows PC.
  • Security Awareness, Inc. - Security awareness products for all types of organizations, including security brochures, custom screensavers, brochures and computer-based training.
  • SecurityProfiling - Provides internet and network security products and services such as SysUpdate - an anti-vulnerability application which automatically updates computers on a network, LogBoss - a fully automated log management application
  • Securtrac - An add-on module for enhancing the security of applications in the Domino environment. An audit trail system, it tracks the life-cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities with real-time alert notification.
  • Service Strategies Inc. - Offers email, network security and Internet connection software for AS/400 and PC network based business users.
  • Silanis Technology - ApproveIt, an off-the-shelf electronic signature and electronic approval software product that expands upon the concept of digital signatures to allow for the automation of the electronic signing of MS-Office, PDF, JetForm FormFlow, internet/intranet documents & electronic forms.
  • Smart Stuff Software - FoolProof Security is the leader in desktop security software, Macintosh security and Windows security in the K-12 education market.
  • SoftPerfect Tools -Freeware
  • Softnet Security - Protects confidential communication and information. Product specifications, screenshots, demo downloads, and contact details.
  • Solsoft - Design, implement and manage access security policies on hetrogeneous enterprise networks using IP filtering with Net Partitioner.
  • Stonegate - global market leading network security products.
  • Sun Microsystems Security Solutions - Comprehensive security solutions: IP level encryption, firewalls, authentication, and network management.
  • SunTel Services - Network Security - Internet and enterprise security solutions.
  • Symark Software - Provides security and administration software solutions for UNIX and OpenVMS platforms.
  • Tech Assist, Inc. - Applications for data recovery, network security, and computer investigation.
  • Technology Pathways LLC - Software tools
  • TenFour - secure e-mail.
  • Timeproof - Timeproof time signature systems provide a service which furnishes digital data with the official time, counterfeit-proof, unmistakable and verifiable.
  • tropical Software - Security and Privacy products.
  • trinux -ramdisk-based Linux distribution that boots from a single floppy or CD-ROM, loads it packages from an HTTP/FTP server, a FAT/NTFS/ISO filesystem. Open Source network security tools for port scanning, packet sniffing, vulnerability scanning, sniffer detection, packet construction, active/passive OS fingerprinting, network monitoring, session-hijacking, backup/recovery, computer forensics, intrusion detection, and more
  • trout - traceroute and Whois.
  • tripwire - (COMMERCIAL)
  • Tcpdump
  • traceroute/ping/telnet/NAT for Linux (or most of other UNIX)
  • TCP wrappers.
  • IPV6 Download
  • UpdateEXPERT maintains software patch levels.
  • Freedom WebSecure - Internet privacy software for anonymous surfing and private web browsing.
  • Visible Statement - Software for distributing of security messages across internal networks.
  • Visionsoft - Range of security and auditing products for businesses, schools and personal users.
  • Visual Automation - Secure Desktop, a Windows security application designed for industrial automation uses. They also make iLock and ePortal.
  • Webtrends- Management, analysis, and reporting for Internet and intranet servers and firewalls.
  • WhiteCanyon Security Software - Personal Identity Theft Protection Software
  • WinShell - Keep Windows and Internet, safe and secure.
  • WINDUMP -TCPdump type of tool for Windows environment.
  • wireshark.org - Former Ethereal sniffer analyzer
  • Wietse Venema's TCP Wrapper and Log Daemon packages
  • Perl for NT platform
  • Xelios Security Software - Software publisher specializing in security, with products like PC Locker for PC protection, Web Control for Internet connection protection, Web Capture for website grabbing and Xelios Personal Firewall.
  • Zequel Technologies - DynamicPolicy enterprise security policy and procedure management tools.
  • Public Domain Security Tools:

firewalls  Personal FIREWALLS/HONEYPOTS/ANTI-VANDAL products

Microsoft's ISA Server: ISA Server Important Links ISA Server 2006 Support Documents ISA Server 2006 Downloads ISA Server White Papers
firewalls  HACKING TOOLS and SITES:
  RASPPPOE/DSL PPPoE - Freeware -PPP over Ethernet Protocol for Windows
  A procmail helper tool for annotating incoming email with any listings in the MAPS RBL, DUL, RSS etc. Unix.

  SnifferPro from NAI is used as an internal traffic analyzer and capture utility.
  Ipswitch's imgate - Anti-SPAM Gateway for Imail

  • Talisker's Intrusion Detection Systems List (excellent!): Network IDS, Host IDS, Network Scanners, Host Scanners, Hybrid IDS, Integrity Checkers, Honeypots, IDS-related links.
  • Extended list of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Tools, Analyses, Advisories links
  • CERT's Windwos Intruder Detection Checklist.
  • LINUX Intruder Detection CheckList
  • Computer Associate's etrust Intrusion Detection - includes protection against DoS; an integrated anti-virus engine with automatic signature updates; real-time, non-intrusive detection, policy-based alerts, and automatic prevention; dynamic URL blocking and logging.
  • X-Force's RealSecure
  • Nessus - FREE, powerful, up-to-date and easy to use remote security scanner.
  • Greyware's Membership Monitor - Windows NT-based service with automatic notification of changes to NT security by real-time monitoring of NT user groups.
  • Retina- The Network Security Scanner
  • Enterasys Networks' Dragon IDS was named "Editor's Choice"
  • SARA -The Security Auditor's Research Assistant Unix-based security analysis tool (Free-use open license)
  • BigBrother is a FREE distributed system/network monitoring tool for *NIX and windows.
  • Attacker - A TCP/UDP port listener/attack warning program from Foundstone. More programs: FileWatch - A file change monitor. Used with Black ICE Defender. BOPing - Scanner for the infamous Back Orifice program. DDos ping -- A network admin utility for remotely detecting the most common DDoS programs.
  • Firewall Leak Tester by Steve Gibson
  • pcSuper Scanner
  • Free pcAudit download from Internet Security Alliance, Inc -to simulate an attack by a "hacker".
  • SurfSecret PestPatrol
  • AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment) is a free replacement for Tripwire.
  • Deception Toolkit Use to create honeypot services sprinkled across your servers. Keep attackers wondering if they are hitting a real service or a honeypot one.
  • HostSentry -is a host-based IDS tool that performs Login Anomaly Detection (LAD). This tool allows administrators to spot strange login behavior and quickly respond to compromised accounts and unusual behavior. HostSentry incorporates a dynamic database and actually "learns" the user login behavior. This behavior is then utilized by modular signatures to detect unusual events.
  • icmpinfo Monitor ICMP packets to detect suspicious behaviour.
  • ImSafe -is a host-based intrusion detection tool for Linux. It is performing anomaly detection at the process level and tries to detect various type of attacks.
  • IPLimit Useful for preventing DoS attacks by limiting amount of connections to a given service.
  • Logcheck Logcheck will automatically monitor your system logs and mail security violations to you on a periodic basis.
  • PortSentry - a port scan detector that takes an active stance to shut down attacking hosts while notifying administrators and provides an easy configuration and startup.
  • Saint Jude The Saint Jude Project is a Project to develop Kernel-Level IDS mechinisms to protect the integrity of host systems.
  • Snort -a lightweight network intrusion detection system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks.
  • Snot - an arbitrary packet generator that uses snort rules files as its source of packet information.
  • Swatch Tool for monitoring Unix syslog and alerting to suspicious traffic.syn.pl - a tcpdump script that monitors data to detect stealth scans from scanners such as nmap.
  • T-sight With T-sight, you are able to monitor all your network connections (i.e. traffic) in real time and can observe not only when suspicious activity takes place, but the composition of that activity.
  • Trappa Trappa is a tool to monitor for CGI scans and Probes. It places dummy CGI files on the web and notifies you of exploit scans including the IP and Web Browser of the attacker.
  • Tripwire Tripwire is a tool that checks to see what has changed on your system. The program monitors key attributes of files that should not change, including binary signature, size, expected change of size, etc.
  • Winetd Winetd is an inetd for Windows that incorporates the use of honeypot modules. Use to deceive attackers on a NT host.


  • bv-Control for Internet Security (formerly branded as HackerShield) is the easiest way to find and close security holes on the network. HackerShield is anti-hacker software that finds and closes the holes that hackers use to break into servers, workstations and other network devices.
  • cattscanner Lists the services target hosts are running and the owner of those processes Lists the NFS shares of the target host Lists the RPC services of the target host Retrieves the Netbios name of the target host and its users Version identification of multiple common ftp and mail transfer services Extremely portable Multi-threaded Self Contained (uses no external libraries except libc) Extremely readable source Generates output to interlinked HTML files (more methods to come) and best of all its FREE
  • ISS Internet Scanner provides automated security vulnerability detection and analysis for devices on a network. This policy-driven process measures and manages information security risk, allowing Administrators to match security policy with rapidly changing demands for open networking applications and increasingly complex network environments.
  • MacAnalysis MacAnalysis is a security auditing suite for your Macintosh
  • Nessus The Nessus Security Scanner - security auditing tool.
  • Retina - designed to identify and alert security vulnerabilities, suggest fixes and report possible security holes within a network’s Internet, Intranet and Extranet systems.
  • SAINT SAINT (Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool) is a security assesment tool based on SATAN. Features include scanning through a firewall updated security checks from CERT & CIAC bulletins, 4 levels of severity (red, yellow, brown, & green).
  • SARA The Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a third generation Unix-based security analysis tool that is:
  • TIGER 'tiger' is a set of scripts that scan a Un*x system looking for security problems, in the same fashion as Dan Farmer's COPS.
  • vlad - the Scanner is an open-source security scanner that checks for the SANS Top Ten security vulnerabilities. It has been tested on Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD.



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