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#1. Shon Harris' CISSP® Certification
Training Package
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CISSP training package2 DVDs with 24 hrs nearly 34 hours of instruction on the 10 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge - your CISSP Bootcamp at home!
CISSP exam sale Shon Harris' "CISSP All-In-One Study Guide" Book (4th Edition)
CISSP training softwareShon provides real-world scenarios, examples, and explanations. The course includes 3-D animations that conceptually walk you through critical topics.
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#2. Shon Harris' CISSP® Certification Training
Solution Package
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CISSP training softwareThe CISSP® All-in-One book by Shon Harris (4th ed).
CISSP training softwareCISSP® Computer Based Training (11 CDs), containing Shon Harris' full week course.
CISSP training software1,200 2,000 page CISSP® Student Workbook developed by Shon Harris.
CISSP training softwareHours of MP3 files of Shon Harris explaining the concepts in the Student Workbook -3-month renewable subscription. Hours of MP3 files of Shon Harris carrying out an extensive review session -3-month renewable subscription.
CISSP training software200 Question Final Practice Exam.
CISSP training softwareOver 1600 CISSP® Review Questions - 3-month renewable subscription.
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#3. Shon Harris' Online CISSP® Certification Training

More InformationShon Harris´s Newly Combined CISSP and SSCP On-Line Blended Course!
5-day intensive course. No travel is required!
Get everything you need in addition to online access including training manuals, MP3 files for your CD player, hundreds of questions, more!

For 5-day (in-class) BOOTCAMP with Shon Harris in Washington DC 5-day Bootcamp with Shon Harris

#4. LEGENDARY Transcender Exam Simulation Software for CISSP® Certification

Includes 521 exceptionally realistic practice exam questions and 594 free TranscenderFlash cards.
Transcender Exam Simulation Software for CISSP certification



Sunbelt Personal Firewall
  • 29A Labs - 29A Headquarters.
  • antivir.de - German virii related information and downloads.
  • BCVG Network - Providing free information on network security, viruses, daily news etc.
  • BigFix - A free utility, which claims to fix bugs and viruses before they occur.
  • BitDefender (AVX- Antivirus eXpert) Global Website - Complete security solutions to protect your network and desktop computer from latest viruses or security loopholes.
  • DiamondCS ScriptGuard - The system to eliminate the threat of Hostile Microsoft Script based worms such as the ILOVEYOU worm.
  • Hacking and Research Virus Group - A site completely dedicated to hacking and virus content. A large virus archive with binary samples, source codes, Polymorphic engines, virus generating tools etc...
  • Helith Network VX Zone - A cooperation between international VX researchers supported by Helith Network
  • IDABlocker, CodeRed Log File Blocker - CodeRed is a problem for all system administrators and webmasters, not just those using IIS. Crucial time and money is wasted even if the response is just a 404. ncIDABlocker is an ISAPI DLL that automatically processes and drops requests from offending CodeRed servers.
  • mr-virus.cc - german site about virii and trojans
  • Rott_En\'s Virus Labs - Malware researching and code examples of many concepts.
  • Russian Backdoors - Full descriptions of all backdoors created in ex-USSR.
  • SinRed - trojan info, downloads and cleaners
  • Supravom - Meta Informatic Syndrome Patients (MISP). A small computer virus research and development group.
  • Symantec - Information database of pretty much all viruses, how they work and how to remove them.
  • TDS-2 - Anti-Trojan software for windows.
  • Trend Micro - Antiviral software, scan engines, patches, whitepapers.
  • Virii online testing - The list of online virii checkers and links to Antiviral software.
  • Virusy.sk - Slovakian web site about virii
  • VX Heavens - Virus archive. Information, magazines, generators, engines, texts, articles, tutorials, links, virus sources, simulators and binaries. This site is kept up to date.

Threat Resources (McAfee)


Top 25 Countries Where Spam Servers Are Located

(Project Honey Pot Statistics).
Can be drilled down to the IP address - level (click on a flag icon).
Malicious IP Total First Last
honeypot project 2,507 2009-01-31 2009-03-19
honeypot project 2 2009-03-19 2009-03-19
honeypot project 591 2009-02-25 2009-03-19
honeypot project 4 2009-03-17 2009-03-19
honeypot project 203 2007-06-06 2009-03-19
honeypot project 1,045 2008-06-04 2009-03-19
honeypot project 14 2009-03-18 2009-03-19
honeypot project 21,063 2007-04-29 2009-03-19
honeypot project 112,520 2009-02-23 2009-03-19
honeypot project 1,134 2008-08-04 2009-03-19
honeypot project 184 2009-02-03 2009-03-19
honeypot project 140 2008-11-16 2009-03-19
honeypot project 8,675 2009-03-03 2009-03-19
honeypot project 4 2009-03-18 2009-03-19
honeypot project 578 2007-08-15 2009-03-19
honeypot project 183 2009-01-26 2009-03-19
honeypot project 100,620 2009-02-22 2009-03-19
honeypot project 73 2008-10-24 2009-03-19
honeypot project 2 2009-03-19 2009-03-19
honeypot project 12,530 2009-02-17 2009-03-19
honeypot project 405 2008-10-13 2009-03-19
honeypot project 153 2009-01-30 2009-03-19
honeypot project 192 2008-01-30 2009-03-19
honeypot project 259 2008-02-13 2009-03-19
honeypot project 37 2009-03-15 2009-03-19

Sunbelt Personal Firewall


Spam is an escalating problem. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, more than 40 percent of all email is spam, up from just 13 percent a year earlier. By the end of this year, spam will account for more than half of all email; some enterprises are reporting that spam is already more than 80 percent of their incoming email. In America, almost half of all spam received comes from overseas. Most alarmingly, spam is evolving from a nuisance to a business threat, with volume email creating a Denial of Service (DoS)-style attack, bringing email servers to their virtual knees.

General Anti-Spam Best Practice

Outbound Spam Filtering Overviews

Outbound Throttling or Egress Filtering allows you to mitigate the impact of a spammer or worm infection on your network by reducing the ill effects before your abuse reponse can take effect.

Sunbelt Personal Firewall

Outbound Spam Filtering Products

Professional Web and E-mail hosting for only $2.95/month!

Acceptable Use Policies

An effective acceptable use policy can help to deter spammers. It can be an essential tool in cutting off the account of a spammer who is operating from your ISP.

Abuse Desk Specific Products

General Helpdesk Products

Mail Provider Complaint Feedback Systems

Port 25 Blocking

  The Identity Theft Self-Protection Kit

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